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It came to me then that every plan is a tiny prayer to Father Time

I don't have any plans. No plans about what to do in Life, no plans about what to do after practice today. Hell, I don't even have plans FOR practice today. Keller on Friday, provided that it doesn't rain. Jacksonville for Thanksgiving. Research paper sometime in between. That's all I know. I'm pretty sure that this is no way to live one's life.

Soccer game last night. It's amazing to see younger kids getting all riled up over sports. They're freshmen and sophomores. I remember getting into soccer when I was a freshman/sophomore. I wonder if it was equally as stressful for my coach in those days. Mrs. Pierce was amazing.

I never have enough time for anything in the day. And I just finished watching Clear and Present Danger. For no reason except that I got off work early, and it was on. I should've been signing up for classes. I should've been getting my money order for my speeding ticket. I should've been looking up drills for practice today. I shoud've been writing my research paper. Too bad that one is easily distracted who doesn't have actual plans....
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