Sprout-Eating Hippie (libbey) wrote,
Sprout-Eating Hippie

You say you're living on the edge...

How does it get so hard to get out of bed? I had an instructor this morning get vocally mad about my being 5 minutes late to class. I used to get really nervous and queasy when teachers or any authority figures got mad at me. This time not so much. People have stuff to do. I pay you.

I saw Ricky on the way to class this morning. Maybe that ends up being the cosmic reason that I was compelled to get out of bed this morning.

Work is a pain in the ass, but I don't really have bad days there. I think that's probably the beauty of dangerously-low-resposibility work environments. Can't complain about that.

Two weekends ago-- family. So nice.
Last weekend-- Jenny. Pretty much family. Great weekend.
This weekend--More family. Can't wait.
Next weekend--hopefully Florida Georgia... Does anybody else know how frustrating it is to get a busy signal for a solid 5 hours?
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