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That's when I knew where I was.

It all started a couple of days ago.

I think it was the BNL CD buying. No, wait. I'm pretty sure it was actually running with Meghan's ipod. I got the chance to run to the whole Did I Shave My Legs for This album one evening last week. And then parts of the Miranda Lambert CD-- which is amazing. I ran a LOT that day. It was actually really nice. And there was a very nice email in my inbox. There was the littlest chill in the air that morning, and so the rest of the day was really good. Then I bought a copy of "Barenaked Ladies Are Me" on... well... whichever day the Office comes on. I think maybe Thursday. I really can't afford that sort of thing these days. But two of the tracks are my new faves of the week. Good stuff. Friday I found the elusive twelve-pack of Diet Peach Snapple at Target (it's always the last place you look... I had nearly given up). Saturday was a great day: tailgate with parents, awesome food, fun game. Sunday was wonderful: sun, Moe's, travel plans, mass, and phone calls. My Monday rocked-- I talked to my Methods Professor in probably the third Office Hour I've been to ever in my life. He was cool. Not particularly helpful, but cool. Almost made up for my feelings of failure from the FYC test I took that morning. Can't win em all. Especially when one has senioritis. Monday I went to soccer, and the girls were adorable. Then Sonny's. Sonny's Monday. Then goofiness. I hadn't been that goofy in a long time. And I had missed it. Was good to be back to my old goofy self. That's what happens when you eat yourself retarded.

Today was the icing on the cake: The air was chilly on the way to class; I talked to mom and Angela this morning and Bryan this afternoon; Katie sent me text messages; I worked an extra hour so I got to go to soccer late and now Smitty's the mean coach; She came to volleyball; Our volleyball team won; We got to go shopping at Michaels; attending a study review means that I actually have studied technically a little for my test on Thursday; and (here's the kicker-- ready?) I got a headboard for free. There's been a headboard on the side of the road for a couple of days now... and I kept saying I was gonna go get it. The garbage persons come tomorrow, so tonight was my last chance to go take it-- at least under the cover of darkness. Which is preferable. So I enlisted Lindsay and Meghan's help... and now I have the most f-ing awesome (albeit damaged) headboard EVER. My room looks totally different. I LOVE it. Feels like my luck's gonna have to change sometime soon... It's been such a good week though. A great week. A fabulous week...

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