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Will someone please call the surgeon?

I was nice and active today, but that was cancelled out by the fact that I ate myself sick at Sonny's. It was Monday, though... it had to be done. Monday=Sonny's. My Methods professor started talking about social theory today when I asked him a question after class. Before that moment, I didn't understand how a student could ever have an affair with a teacher. After that moment, I understood perfectly. I was busy today. Today had several committments. I like that. None of them particularly stressful. That's refreshing too. I touched a soccerball today for the first time in probably 3 years. And remembered why I've been avoiding such an activity for the past three years. Gator Humanics is where I should have been for the past three years. I'm such a slacker for not joining sooner. Running with Megs was good for me. Evening was very pretty, and our neighborhood is so quaint and comfortable. And then there was Sonny's. What on Earth am I going to do my research proposal on?
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