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Feels too damn much like home

About a week ago, somebody asked me what makes me smile and what makes me frown. Since then, I tried to be conscious of things that were actually making me smile. Fewer than I expected. There are tons of things I like, heaps of things that I would consider to be stuff that "makes me happy." But things that actually cause my face to smile are fairly few. Especially few are the things that can be explained and put into list form.

Today my boss asked from down the hall, "Are you going to miss us, Jessica?" I replied, "You have no idea." This is the standard response to a question like this. Especially from one's boss. It happened to be extremely true this time. She has no idea how much I'm going to miss being there, being helpful, doing useful work, chatting with my coworkers, eating lunch at that tiny table in that tiny kitchen, driving through downtown traffic every morning, being the computer know-it-all along with Katie, running stupid errands, and contributing to the flow of their office. I have no idea myself how much I'm gonna miss it just yet, but I expect it'll be a lot. Just can't get myself excited about going back and doing work all for myself again...

Yesterday, I walked into work, sneaking a little because I didn't want anybody to notice that I was sketching in 5 minutes late. Walking through the hall, I could see that my light was already on. I noted that that was strange. So I step into my office, and there on my desk, right in front of my keyboard is a Venti Iced Mocha. Venti. I've never had a venti anything. In my life. A big yellow post-it stuck to my desk in front of the cup:
"Jessica, I appreciate all you do for me.
=) Jennifer"

I jumped around and spouted thank-yous at her. Iced. Mocha. Venti. She sure pegged me...
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