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That's why my philosophy keeps me walking when I'm falling down

Sometimes rain rekindles my love for Ben Folds. Katie and Greg's wedding was amazing. Incredible, beautiful, touching, magical... So Wedding Weekend #1 went perfectly as far as I'm concerned. Despite never having taken a computer class after my freshman year of high school (six or seven years ago), I've suddenly become tech support around the office. It's great. A girl sent me an email over the weekend with questions about Leicester. I sent her back an email that was so outrageously long that I was afraid it might not send. That was cathartic. I should really write my flatmates. When the director asked me today if I'd like to stay instead of going back to school, I knew she was joking but really wanted to take her up on it. The river is gorgeous around 10.45 pm. I don't know whose idea it was to light up the bridges with purpley blue, but whoever it was is brilliant. I can't wait til I get to run this evening. The rain better let up within the next two hours.

It's a terrible shame, I'm realizing, that the real world doesn't have summer break. Summers are like little retreats. They always end up making me feel complete again. This summer has helped me complete the sketch of my identity by teaching me that:

I'm okay at dishwashing and kitchen cleaning; pedestrian-friendly housing is definitely the way to go; we all really do need to live in the same place once kids come along; but we probably won't; I love big cities; Being in one place for too long makes me a little restless; Angela wants me to email (and marry) that boy, and I totally understand why, but I can't bring myself to do it; Cooking is fun; My sense of direction is very trustworthy; I want to be best friends with the forty or fiftysomething addictions counselor at work; I'm a really good typist; High heels always look nice, but they are emphatically NOT my thing; I may even have a moral opposition to them; It's possible that if I could be anything in the world, I would choose to be musically talented; Maybe I don't know where exactly I'm going, but there's a good chance I'll like it when I get there.
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