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Until Later doesn't always come

What a difference a day makes. Or two days.

I walked around a lot today. Around five points. Around the St. Johns Town Center, which always makes me think I'm in Orlando. I tried wearing those heels I bought. They lasted maybe a little over an hour. I don't think I'll ever be able to work in an office... I'm pretty sure I just don't belong in nice clothes.
It's incredible to live along the river. I love the water, and I've always been very partial to the Gulf. But the River is amazing because the downtown is right up against it. A lot like the cities in Europe I noticed. There's a big long walkway of public space, though. Angela and I have run up and down a little section of Riverwalk twice now. Once last night around eight, and once tonight around seven thirty. Perfect work outs. The kind where I've almost thrown in the proverbial towel, but had just enough energy to push through it. Those are the best kind because my whole body and ego (which is important) feels good afterward. To add to the incredibleness of the experience, the evening light meets the somehow both glassy and choppy surface of the river, and the temperature droops with the sun, and a little breeze fluffs up off the water. Gorgeous.

I'm happy here. And this is palpable after only about four whole days. It usually takes three weeks to a month for me to decide I've made peace with my location and surroundings. This time it was immediate. I wonder if I wear it on my face. People here have been very complimentary and extremely friendly. Perfect strangers. Weird. In a wonderful way.

I wonder how much better it will be when Erica & Jim get here. I wish I could be around to help them move in.
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