Sprout-Eating Hippie (libbey) wrote,
Sprout-Eating Hippie

Wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today

I'm having an American Beauty moment.

I don't have internet in my room anymore because my roommates are gone... apparently the router belonged to one of them. So I came out to the pool to pick up somebody else's wireless for a little bit. It's a gorgeous evening. I walked around campus for a while today, and it was swelteringly hot, invigoratingly bright. This evening, though, is cool, dim, breezy and lovely.

There's a styrofoam cup in the pool. The breeze is pushing and pulling it across the surface of the water, giving it a little character. Reminds me of that box we learned about in Hinojosa's class. For a while there, it looked like it really wanted to get out of the pool- like it was clawing at the side. Its reflection is really pronounced in the evening light. Maybe that's why it wanted out. On the other hand, its skimming around now like a sailboat with nobody in charge, and its reflection seems to be keeping it company. When the wind turns it to me, I can see through its vulnerability that it's completely empty.

That's how the wind can sweep it up so easily.

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