Sprout-Eating Hippie (libbey) wrote,
Sprout-Eating Hippie

I have squandered my resistance for a pocketful of mumbles

Who I Am Today...

Polka dots inspire me. To create things--mostly art. As long as I'm allowed to take my time, I love to watch my hand drop words across paper. At any given moment of the day, I'd probably prefer to be outside in the grass or in my bed. I'm pretty sure I left my heart in Europe. I can recall the person I was a whole year ago... and she doesn't much resemble the person I am today. And I can never really say whether that's good or bad. Ice cream makes me happy... not just eating it, but being in its presence or thinking about it. Especially serving it. The feeling of self-sufficiency is one of the best feelings ever. On the other hand, the realization that certain people in my life are inextricable is also a particularly good feeling. One of the most embarrassing qualities I have is that I was never big into reading. I suck at keeping in touch with people. Today I decided that my boat had a rudder and a big sail, but no wind (not like Bryan's rudderless boat, or Sarah's boatless sail). Sometimes dropping out of school to get pregnant seems like the best life plan. And I call myself a feminist. Every time I see pecan trees, I have an uncontrollable craving to take a nap in the shade in the grass. I do not fall in love with people, but I can (and usually do) fall in love with a place in a matter of minutes. The identity that I've constructed barely reflects my practical self. Reading scholarly articles drives my desire to express non-pragmatic, non-technical wordage. And, thus, here we are...
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