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My life has become a boring pop song, and everyone's singing along

Sometimes it's sick just how nice it can be to go to the mall. I was never an overly mallish girl. I guess it's nice as a break from work... especially since I haven't been in a while. I bought bridal shower gifts for Angela, a cd, and a dress. The dress was $18.50, which isn't bad for a dress (especially this one), but is more than I'm usually willing to spend. It's no wonder I haven't been netting any money when I spend all my earnings on clothes and sandwiches.

People say that time flies like an arrow, but I sometimes I'm pretty sure it's more like a jet. I had no idea how late it was. I might only have two more days at Jimmy Johns. Then I don't know what I'm going to do. Someone asked me what I was going to do for the summer, and I said I didn't know. He didn't understand. "You have to know something..." All I know is that I'm not going to be in Gainesville. That's it. You'd think that working with the slackers I work with would make me feel less pathetic. Occasionally it does, but mostly it doesn't.

This past week has been mostly sunny, but still a little cool. It's my favorite time of year. God, I love April in Florida. Except for finals.

My new nickname is whale. I need to stop drinking beer and start running again.

That bridal shower is going to get in the way of mass again this week. Tis a shame. It's been too long...

My mom and I had a lovely visit over hashbrowns at Waffle House this morning (even if she did wake me up at 8.30). I'm actually really excited for her to get back in town with Katie so that we can all hang out.

Maybe we'll go back to the mall.

Mmm. This CD is so good.
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