Sprout-Eating Hippie (libbey) wrote,
Sprout-Eating Hippie

Today was an experience that I have to describe as 'notable' for lack of any term that comes close to encompassing the 'notable'ness of it.

First, last night was awesome. I had an fabulous time. I think bachelorette parties should last for a whole weekend like in Britain. It was so much fun. Consistent fun: fun in the hotel room; fun in the limo; fun in the club; in the gas station; walking around; in the other club; it was even fun in the bathrooms. Also, the drive to Tampa was lovely, even though I would have liked to spend more of it on the phone. I put in my deathcab, though, and had a very pretty, fast drive. I enjoyed Tampa. Tampa's beltway reminded me a little of richmond and a lot of the DC beltway. And that made me happy. Sometimes it's really hard for me to decide whether I'm a city girl or a country girl deep down. The slumber party atmosphere at the hotel was really cool, too. I haven't had that (except with my family) since London with Hillary and Katie or since Jenny and Amber came to uni... whichever was later. I feel like I should mention also that the bed was really comfortable. Sometimes when I look back, I think the most comfortable bed I ever slept in was in York. This one gave it a run for its money though.

Today I woke up at 8.20a.m. so that I could be back in Gainesville in time to go to the Baha'i service at 10.30. I rolled off the Williston exit at 10.23, unable to get ahold of the girl I was going with. I ran inside to google it to find out where it was. As I googled, I learned that the service actually started at ten. Fuck. When else am I going to be able to go to a service? The project is due Wednesday. I sigh. What am I going to do? Pretend I went to a service? Make it up? But I really wanted to do it. I've been meaning to branch out faith-wise. My mustard seed desperately needs a new sprout... So I google another religion hoping. Hoping they'll have a service I can attend. Maybe after work.
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