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Please be kind if I'm a mess

I've been having another day. Another day that I didn't do what I was supposed to do. Another day that I had to fight myself to get out of bed. Another day that I paid little attention in class. Another day that I forgot to pick up the paper. Today, for some reason (probably that there is other stuff that I really need to do) I feel like writing. I'm feeling expressive in a non-verbal way.

I have a weird feeling in my tummy. I had another pregnant dream last night. Last night I went to see Ann Coulter and felt myself retreating. Hadn't heard somebody so hateful in a long time. I'm going to run today. Maybe I'll run to Jimmy Johns to get somebody to take over my stupid weekend shifts. I LOVE my religion class. I think I'm gonna be a religion minor. I need to finish registration. Wow. I need to pay my parking ticket. The end of the semester gets so ugly... I have to write about a reproductive experience for my stupid reproduction class. Um, Hi... Professor Marsiglio? I'm a virgin. Help me out. There's too much going on, yet somehow... not nearly enough. Whenever I plan my day, it seems like there's so much time, and I get so ambitious. But as the day wears on, I realize that it's time to take a nap, or go hang out at 5.205. Then it's all over.

It's time to take a nap.
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