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With all these wishes I've made I should buy something real

I was so happy at work today. It's not abnormal for me to be smiley at work. It is abnormal for me to be in a genuinely good mood. Every once in a while I realize anew how much difference a good attitude makes and how much control I have over my attitude.
And I'm astonished.

Maybe it was the juice. Juice often puts me in a better mood. I drank a lot of Kool-Aid growing up. We didn't usually have interesting juice blends around the house. Today I brought a big cup of strawberry grape juice to work. Maybe that's what made my day. It certainly wasn't waking up at 7:21 for class.

I'm having chips for lunch. Even though they are what I would consider "gourmet," perhaps even "the best chips I've ever had," I need to get a shower and eat some real food.
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