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save me wake me up

It occurred to me as I was mixing tuna a few weeks ago that I feel lately as if I'm living life on the inside of latex gloves. Does anybody know what that feels like? I think I mean that sometimes I feel like I'm not really feeling everything. That idea is foreign to me, as I generally think of myself as a feeler above all else. Also, it scares me. Feeling is important. Arguably the most important thing we do in life.

I hope it just comes from being stressed out.

I talked to the Sociology Undergraduate Coordinator today (she's important). She said she recognized my name because the department recently sent me a letter recommending that I apply for a particular scholarship. I thought they sent that letter to everybody. Anyway, the fact that she recognized my name and encouraged me again to apply for that scholarship not only astounded me, but it made me feel smart for the majority of the day.

I had a really good run today. Why is it always so hard to motivate myself to do something that I know will make me feel better? I trust myself a lot less these days. I think maybe I even know myself less of late. Kind of always thought I'd know myself better as I aged...

I've been more broody than usual these past couple of days.
I could tell this song was good when I first heard it, even though I couldn't decipher the words. Now that I've got what he's saying, I realize that I was very right.
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