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her mixtape's a masterpiece

It was nice to hang out with Katie and Brittany this weekend. I'd forgotten how much fun singing in the car with friends is. Wish I hadn't had to work so much...

I find myself again in a ridiculous living situation. Thank God my flatmates last semester were cool. Six girls shared one bathroom, ten kids shared one kitchen, and we seemed to get along okay. I know it's possible for me to live in a harmonious home environment. How come it's so difficult for me to get paired with cool American roommates? Gar.

Life would be totally uncool right now if it weren't for the gorgeous weather. I need to go eat up my leftovers. But I don't want to go into my own kitchen. Stupid. 5-205 attempted to wookie my roommate last night. Not a good idea. Running was pathetic today, but at least I attempted. Matt reset my watch last night, so today I didn't wear it, and felt a little naked all day.
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